Tecnica Grafica is a company specialized in overhauling of national and foreign graphic machines.
A 20 years experience allow 
Tecnica Grafica to assure the quality of the overhauls and a perfect technical knowledge in the graphic field.
For this reason all the machines sold by
Tecnica Grafica are guaranteed and correspond to the present safety regulations.
The services given by
Tecnica Grafica are: suggestions to the customer in the choice of the machine, supply of the machine suitable for customer's requirements, timely after sale technical assistance.
Tecnica Grafica is a company that can assure a complete service for all customer request.


Via Leonardo da Vinci, 11/f - 25064 Gussago (Brescia) - Italy
Telefono +39 030 320803 | Fax +39 030 322274 | E-mai: info@tecnicagrafica.it